Extra-curricular Clubs

'We aim high by letting our interests and talents grow'


The school offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. These take place before or after school.


Summer Term 2024


Please see our extracurricular club timetable below. All contact and booking information for the clubs at the end of this page. Please note: Some clubs have minumim number to run. 

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Any changes to the running of the clubs will be communicated to you by an email or a text message. 

Childcare vouchers can not be accepted as a form of payment for enrichment clubs.

For all enrichment clubs related matters, email admin@churchfields.q1e.org.uk


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School-run Clubs


Children will be approached at the beginning of an academic year/term to sign themselves up for the lunchtime clubs. These clubs should not be considered interventions. 


Externally-run Clubs


For clubs run by external providers, application and payment forms are issued directly by these organisations and should be made directly to them. 

There are a limited number of places in each club and once all the places are taken you will no longer be able to enrol. Some external providers will offer a waitlist, please check directly with them. 


Blue Tennis - Tennis and multisports

T: 07528 319723 www.clubspark.lta.org.uk/bluetennis soundsman.mc@gmail.com

After school Tennis Flyer   - There are still spaces on Mondays

Saturday Flyer - Now offering two free taster sessions

May half term Holiday Camp


Chaos Art Club 

M: 07952 270 911 Chaosclub2@tiscali.co.uk 

Art Flyer and registration

Full for the Summer term 2024.


Danzefuzion - Dance class

T: Laura on 07977 630848 or Bev on 07838 473041



DCP Drums

T: 07508 851 611 www.dcpdrums.co.uk  info@dcpdrums.co.uk



EWTB Coaching – Football, Multisports and Basketball Clubs

T: 07535 748738 https://ewtbcoaching.class4kids.co.uk/  marc@ewtbcoaching.com



Fizz Pop Science

T: 01293 855343   croydon@fizzpopscience.co.uk   fizzpopscience.co.uk

Summer Flyer 


Inkhead - Creative Writing 

M: 07943 514408  www.inkhead.co.uk  info@inkhead.co.uk  

Creative Writing Flyer


J'amies Gymnastics Academy - Gymnastics

T: 02084641477   www.jamiesgymnasticacademy.co.uk   enquires@jgagroup.co.uk 


Flyer announcing gymnastics facility in Langley Beckenham


Philosophy Foundation

M: 07842410992  www.philosophy-foundation.org   info@philosophy-foundation.org 



Premier Chess Coaching

 M: 07525164463  www.premierchesscoaching.com  tomer.eden@premierchesscoaching.com



Prostars - Football & Multisports & Girls only football

T: 02084646453   M: 07957949198   www.prostarsfootball.co.uk   prostarsfootball@hotmail.com 

After School Flyer  

After School enrolment form 

Girls only Football Flyer 

Girls only Football enrolment form


Spotlights Theatre School

T: 0208 460 5711 hello@spotlights.co.uk